Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello everyone! I miss you all and you are all in my prayers. I just want everyone to know that this is the great work that God needs to get done. God needs everyone to have faith and believe in him and his son Jesus Christ. He needs us with our mortal bodies to bring the truth to everyone. This is Christ’s church. I would recommend that everyone listens to Jeffery R. Holland’s talk online. It was the first talk in the Sunday afternoon session. PLEASE WATCH IT! Listen to the tone of his voice as he speaks and then you know that he is a true servant of God. I want you all to listen to it and watch it, afterwards you can read it. I have seen a few miracles since I have been out here… So the lady that I have been teaching her name is Margaret, she is going to be baptized on October 24th. Anyways Margarets sister moved into her house because she was locked in a shed for 1 month and she was being raped and she was 7 months pregnant and she was locked in this shed with her 2 year old boy. So she was abused and a guy kicked her in the ribs and broke her ribs and killed the baby inside her. I was so sad to hear that. So she finally had a chance to get away from that house where she was out. She took the first chance she had and ran away and went to Margarets house which is her foster sisters house. This last week on Wednesday that same house got shot up by a gang and everyone in the house was killed. Including Women and all the guys in the house probably about 7 people were killed. It is a miracle that she got out of that house in time. At first she didn’t want to listen to our discussions she wouldn’t even stay in the apartment when we taught Margaret. Then the second lesson we taught Margaret while she was there she stayed in the house and listened. Then the third time she sat there and wanted to hear more. She told us that whatever it is that we have been teaching Margaret has changed her into such a happy person (which is so true). So…. We taught her and gave her a book of Mormon and we found out that she is pregnant again with another guy his name is Ramell. Ramell is such a stud he is the man. We showed the restoration video and after the video he had his face resting in his hands and lifted his head with tears pouring out of his eyes and happily said “ This is what I have been searching for, for a long time.” He has been such a miracle. The next day we saw him we gave him a Book of Mormon. He read up to chapter 11 in 1 Nephi. He also studied about Joseph Smith and he knew all the dates of when he found the plates and when the book was finished with translating. I was so surprised to see how much he has already learned about our religion. He is the man! He went to the Saturday morning session with us, and he also went to both Sunday sessions of general conference. He knows the church is true and he wants to be baptized. Before we even talked to him about smoking and coffee he told us that he has only had one cigarette yesterday and he only smoked a half of one when we were talking to him it was so awesome to see that. I got a picture with him and I told him that I will come see him sometime after my mission and show him this picture so that he can see how much he has changed. We have seen so many miracles happen from Margaret and her home. There is a bit more to know about Ramell but I have already mentioned the important things that you need to know. Now about my other investigator that I have been working with his name is Djly it is pronounced (Jilly) I used to think it was Jullian. I think that I have told some of you about him. The story with him was it was my first night out in the city and there was a man who walked up to us and asked if we had any money or candy because he has diabetes and he needs sugar. So my companion said to him “lets walk across the street and we will buy one for you.” Right after my companion had said that Djly walked up to that guy and he gave him the rest of his Snapple and told us that he loves us and that he loves God just like we do. My companion continued carrying on his conversation with the guy with diabetes. I had a strong feeling come to me that I needed to go talk to Djly. So that is exactly what I did. I gave him a pass along card and told him to call the number on the back so that he can get the free DVD about Christ, I also told him to allow two representatives to deliver the DVD to him and share a short message about Christ with him. So 2 days later we received a media referral and it was for the DVD called “finding faith in Christ” so we went to the apt/project house to deliver it and it was him and his mother that answered the door. They allowed us to come in and share a message about the restoration. It was so awesome the spirit was so strong. We asked him if we could come back and him and his mom both said yes and we have now taught them 3 times. His mom loves us and wants her son to be like us she went and bought her son a suit and new dress shoes and a tie. We taught him how to tie his tie yesterday before him and his mother came with us to watch conference at the church. His mom loved church and made a new friend in the ward. She told us that she loves our church and Djly asked us what he needs to do to go on a mission like us. He is looking down the road a little far but it was awesome to hear him say that. He is a 17 year old boy his mother is from Africa and he has lived in NY his whole life. He is so excited about Christs church. So we are hoping that him and his mother can be baptized on November 8th. Djly already accepted to be baptized on that day, but we haven’t yet asked his mother because she wasn’t there the last time we met. I am loving this work I am so hungry to feed and learn more about the Gospel. This is for sure with no doubt in my mind the best thing that I have ever decided to do in my whole life. I love you all I will keep you in my prayers. I just hope you keep praying for me. This is the great work that God needs to be finished. Have a good week and let virtue garnish your thoughts. Build up in love with all of those around you who you talk to everyday let them know of what is important to you and find out what is important to them. I love you all! I will e-mail again next week!

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