Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Update 12-20-10

     This week has been an interesting one since I didn't really have a companion. I just jumped around and pulled missionaries around to come teach my investigators with me. This week I worked a lot with Elder Egbert, he is from Orem, UT. It seems that every time we taught together we had a wonderful spiritually powerful lesson with each person we taught. We had a lot of great experiences this past week. I love this Elder a lot, he even knows a person that I know back at home someone that I am extremely close to. It was crazy when we were able to put it all together. I know that pretty much everything that I said makes no sense I guess I am just thinking in my head and typing at the same time. As I mention that it isn't always the best thing to thing with your head, but in this work it is most important to think with your heart and to allow the Spirit to guide us in all things that we do and say. I love the guidance and influence of the Spirit that I have felt this past week. I know that we were truly Spiritually guided in many ways this week. As I was walking with Elder Egbert he said to me, "I have a question for you?" He then said, "how is it that in everything you say and do is exactly what the Spirit would want you to do and say?" It was a great question that caused me to ponder. I mentioned in reply to his question, that it is upon the desires of our hearts and to take that desire and to use it as faith, I then explained that I visualize faith as an action word, and that it is always important to act on our faith. I know that the Spirit is real, and that it is sent to us based upon our faith to guide and direct us in all things, and in all places. I know this to be real. A lot of these experiences that I have experienced this week I hold to be very sacred to me and I know that it is best that i speak not of them at this time, as the spirit has influenced me to do so.
     I am going to meet my new companion tomorrow, his name is Elder Swain, I actually already know him. He is great I have been asked to train him as a Zone Leader. So I have to show him how to fulfill the Zone Leader responsibilities. I look forward to working with him. I have a great feeling about this next transfer and about my companionship that I am going to have. There have been a lot of changes in the Zone so I am going to be meeting a lot of other missionaries and am going to have the opportunity to get to know them better. I am happy that I get to stay here in Flushing we have a lot of great things that are in store for us. We are actually going over to a less actives home for Christmas eve. It is someone that we met this week and we were sent there by the Spirit at the exact time that we needed to show up and now this person came to church and looks forward to remaining active through out his life. On Christmas morning we have a Zone Breakfast, with Elder and Sister Baum. We also have a few baptisms on Christmas morning in the zone in which I will be attending. Afterwards I am going to one of my investigators homes for Christmas Day and then that evening we will be going to a members home. SO for now our Christmas is all squared away for what we are going to be doing. I am excited and it is going to be a great experience to spend a lot of my Christmas with one of our investigators. She is such a neat lady and I am hoping that she will be getting baptized soon. Which I think we will invite her to be baptized on Christmas and then help her to prepare to be baptized on a specific date.
     Well I am running low on time and I have to wrap it up, but I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I will be calling my Family on Christmas Day. I love you all! Thanks for everything.
                     Elder JD Doyle

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