Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly Update 12-13-10

     Thank you all so much for all of the B-day gifts and cards that you all have sent me. I am so grateful to have each of you in my life. This week was a great week for us and at the same time it was a busy week for us. I am running low on time, I had a lot of e-mails that I had to send out today so I am sorry for the short update, but let me just get right in and talk to you about this past week. 
     This week we have had a great meeting with Anita she is progressing so very well and she is so anxious to learn more about the gospel. She has now came to church the past 2 weeks and has made some great friends in the ward. I think that this week we are going to invite her to be baptized. She enjoyed all 3 hours of church and is learning so much. She also invited me to come over on Christmas so I will probably be over at her house on Christmas morning. This week we also had another miracle. This miracles name is Noelle, she has been a member for a long time, but hasnt been to church for years. She has such a strong testimony of the church, but she was offended a few years back and completely stopped coming. When we knocked on her door she invited us in and I was on exchanges with Elder Durr, he is another missionary in our zone. We had a great meeting with her and before we left she asked for me to give her a blessing. When I gave her this blessing, I felt the Spirit so strongly. When the blessing was finished she looked up at me with her eyes filled with tears of joy and said "Thank You", she said that some things that I blessed her with were some things that she definitely needed to hear. She said that because of it that she will be at church on Sunday. Sure enough Sunday came around and she was at church and she stayed all 3 hours of church, she loved church and she is excited to say that she is back. 
     This transfer is coming to an end I still have one week left, but my companion is going home on Wednesday so I am not really going to have a companion, but I am going to be working with other missionaries so that I will never be alone. I will be working in the Spanish program and in the Chinese program as well. I am also going to be visiting those who we are working with in our pool. I have already learned a lot of Chinese, I know how to order food in Chinese and how to sing happy birthday in Chinese and a few other things. It is funny. 
     Lately I have been focusing a lot on member work and getting members involved in assisting us in this sacred work. They have been such a great help and I am happy for them, I have began to see the missionary Spirit come upon a few of them and they are so excited to teach with us and to love those whom we are teaching. I know that this is a work that we have all been called to do is to serve His children. I know that there is great power found within. I look forward to doing this work for the rest of my life and to help out the missionaries when I return home by going teaching with them and by working with them and by introducing others to the missionaries. 
     I know that the Lords work will be done and and that his will will always be fulfilled. I am now out of time and I have to go, but I love each of you so much sorry about this weeks update, I am currently in an Internet Cafe and there are loud people around playing computer games and swearing like crazy! I love you all
                           Elder JD Doyle  

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