Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Update 11-29-10

     It was quite the week for me. I hope that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had the time to reflect on all of the great things that the Lord has blessed you with, and that you are thankful for. I am so grateful for each of you and for the love that you all have shown me at one point in my life, or many points in my life depending on who is reading this. This Thanksgiving of mine, I was able to attend a turkey bowl with my zone, "Zone 5" vs "Zone 6" it was so much fun, my zone was able to show Zone 6 What a "Turkey Bowl" was all about. We had so much fun, I was sore for like 3 days, but I am feeling good now. The Chinese people here don't celebrate thanksgiving so I didn't quite have a Thanksgiving like I did last year. So luckily the ward had a thanksgiving feast for everyone who wanted to come so we just went to that. It was good and at least I was able to eat some turkey, so that makes it worth it and somewhat feel like Thanksgiving. So yeah it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving to me, but I had a unique experience here in China Town.
     This week most of our investigators were out of town, but yesterday they were all back and were all able to make it to church, Gem wasn't able to be baptized yesterday, but she is getting baptized tomorrow. So  yeah tomorrow is a big day for us in which we are very excited and grateful for. Yesterday at church was great. Last week there was a Chinese guy that got baptized, I cant remember if I told you guys about him, but he is such a cool guy. His English name is Ethan, he speaks good English but not that much can he speak. Yesterday he asked me to do his confirmation in English, I was a little shocked at first but he was serious about it and he really had a strong feeling about me confirming him as a member of the Church. It was a great experience. I was also asked to share my testimony in the Sacrament. I am truly always grateful for every opportunity that I have to share the things that I know, and what the Lord has powerfully witnessed to me through His great love and power.
     Yesterday before church we also had the opportunity to meet with Samantha, she has been investigating the Church for a long time and has been taught by so many missionaries. Yesterday we went in there and I was excited and I felt the Spirit strong, and with faith I invited her to be baptized and she accepted. SO she is going to be baptized on Dec. 18th. I am so happy for her and grateful for her decision that she has made to be baptized. Her Parents are actually going to be in town that day so that is why we are doing it on that day. It is truly a miracle in my life to be here and to gain a better understanding of how the Lords love is always followed with miracles. I also know that we must have faith in order for these great things to come about by fully putting our trust in the Lord and doing all that we can to fulfill our purpose.
     This has been a great week for us, my companion Elder Pickering is going home soon he is actually going home before this transfer is over, he is from a small town in Washington, called Brooklyn it actually isn't to far from Elma. He knows about Elma, it is actually in the same stake. I have a lot of Family in Elma so that is why I mention this. Anyways... He has less than 3 weeks left, and when he goes home I am probably just going to jump around to different companionship's within the zone and work with them and have them come with me to the people that I need to visit. So yeah that will be interesting.
     I want to take some time to talk about my Little Bro, Andrew, I want you to know that I am so proud of you and that I miss you I cant believe how big you are getting, you are going to be 8 years old on Dec. 1st. That means that you are going to be baptized. I know that what you are doing is the right thing to do and the Lord is going to bless you in your life by making this decision to be baptized. I am sorry that I cant be there so remember to take a lot of pictures. I love you buddy. 
     That is about all that I have time for today sorry if this is short, but I am doing my e-mail at the library today so I have a shorter time to e-mail today. I love each of you and the Lord loves each of you as well he is aware of everything that you do and His plan is for each of you to be happy in this life. If you can all more fully turn your hearts to Him, even more than you are now. I promise that you will each feel an increase of love that he has for you. 
Love your Friend, Bro., Son, Grandson, Etc. ELDER JD DOYLE  

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