Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Update 11-22-10

     This week has been such a marvelous week for my companion and I. I know that the Lord is truly blessing us with many miraculous opportunities to serve and to teach others the message of the restored gospel. My heart right now ifs full with the Spirit of the Lord and my desires are fully centered on bringing this true gospel message to the world. The Lord has blessed me so much by giving me this sacred opportunity in my life to be here at this time to teach those whom he has prepared from the foundation of the world, to accept His gospel message at this exact time in existence. I have such a strong belief that of which I have received through such powerful conviction of the Spirit that He loves each of His children so much and He has sent missionaries around the world to bring His gospel to all those who are willing to accept His perfect plan for each of us. The Lords eternal plan is perfect and it makes so much sense as we utilize the things that He has blessed us with to receive that spiritual knowledge. Those things which are, The Book of Mormon, The Bible (the entire scriptures in general), the ability to pray and communicate with our loving Heavenly Father, having churches around us wherever we may be, Etc.... I could go on, but these are a few of the main things that have truly blessed my life in such a meaningful way which I am going to strive faithfully throughout my life to live by them forever. My faith and knowledge of things which are spiritual now benefited my life eternally and will influence my life forever and ever. 
     This week we were able to find some great new investigators which is really good, considering that I am surrounded by tons of people who don't speak English. I feel strongly that the Lord has a great trust in me as my thoughts, actions, and desires are completely centered on fulfilling the true and important purpose that he has called me here to fulfill. I look forward to teach these precious brothers and sisters of mine, whom the Lord has blessed us with to teach. There is so much joy found within, and it brings me an everlasting eternal happiness which I know will never leave me as I watch each of them make miraculous changes in there lives and grow through the Spirits powerful witnesses that will carry into each of their hearts that they will receive the undeniable witness and knowledge that the Spirit will witness unto them with such great conviction and power of His true Restored Gospel that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. There is no greater feeling than this that I have ever felt in my life. 
     This past week I finally had the opportunity to meet Gem, she is so great she wasn't able to get baptized this week, we still have a whole lot to teach her before she can be baptized. So we moved her baptism date to this coming Saturday the 28th. That will be such a special day for her to feel the love of God in her life, and to have the knowledge that she has truly received a remission of her sins through Jesus Christ. This week we were able to Invite one of our new investigators, Eric to prepare himself to be baptized on December 5th. He is excited and heart willing to do what it takes to prepare himself for that date. His Girlfriend is a member of the Church, and it seems that she has set such a strong example for him, and it is his desire to follow. He also mentioned that he hopefully one day can serve a mission like us. He is a 23 year old college student, so you never know he just might serve a mission one day, we can only hope for the best, but it ultimately comes down to the will of the Lord. This week we are going to invite Samantha to be baptized, I am sure that she is going to accept the date and she is so ready to be baptized. 
     I can tell that I am back in Queens again, because this weekend we had 7 set appointments bail on us. That is just a part of missionary work I guess, but at the same time we had a great week so I am happy and I feel the Spirit strongly in my life and that is what matters most. In the "hood" I just didn't have as many appointments bail on me, but when I was in Astoria, Queens I had the same thing as I do here. Maybe it's because people have jobs here and have a busy life. I am not sure, but I am grateful to be here either way. 
     This week is Thanksgiving, this is the last Thanksgiving that I am going to miss on my mission. I am grateful for my family and for this great knowledge that I have of this gospel. I pray and hope that each of you can have a great Thanksgiving weekend, I love each of you so much. Thanks for all of your support and love that you have all shown me. I am out of time and I have to get going now. I love you all!
                         Elder JD Doyle 

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